Monday, June 1, 2009

Tips for Legian

  • The prices of souvenirs at Legian area are more expensive than in the market Sukawati. But if you want to buy only few souvenirs it might be more efficient to buy at Legian. At Sukawati market you can find cheaper price because they’re selling large parties (wholesale) eventhough they still serve a small party.
  • There are various types of accommodation in Legian area that can be selected based on your needs. Although the hotel or lodging has set a fixed price, you have to always try to bargain when you book. Read more...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

History of Legian

Cultural village of Legian in the beginning was just an agrarian village. The communities at Legian were diligently worked as farmers and fishermen as some of them. Geographically at that time on the east of Legian there’s a carpet of rice field land and wide dry field, while on the west there was the ocean where fishemen like to fish.

In the 1970s, the Kuta Village developed became tourist destination which is often visited by tourists in Bali. The rapid development of tourism industry at Kuta was affecting Legian, its neighbor. Travelers at that time especially the backpackers tend to stay around Legian area. Tourist regards the the nuance at Legian is purer and more confortable than Kuta. Read more...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Legian is one of the cultural villages, which is located to the north of Kuta in Bali. Legian has a quieter atmosphere than Kuta, the tourism area. Legian can give you a more peaceful atmosphere are because of the mix of local residence and tourism facilities like hotels, lodging, shops, café, restaurants, traditional markets, and other facilities in the area.

Along Legian Street you can easily find vehicle rental services and shops that sell various types of goods such as clothing, and souvenirs. Tourists are also given a various options of restaurants, café, and other accommodation various level of price. The atmosphere of the gala at the café and restaurant at the Legian area is at night time whe tourists return many places of interest in the Bali.

Just like Kuta that has Kuta Beach, Legian also has Legian Beach which is located between Kuta beach and Seminyak beach. Although Legian beach is not as popular as Kuta beach, but the enchantment of the Legian Beach is not far different from Kuta Beach. Some activities that can be done in the Legian Beach are sunbathing on the beach, swimming, surfing, watching the beautiful sunset. Read more...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tips for Kuta Square

  • Visiting Kuta Square area will be more comfortable with walking (if you stay just around the area) because the streets where the shopping area located are not too big and used for two ways. There’re many two-wheeled vehicles that are parked at the edge of the road making the road at Kuta Square become more limited.

  • If you drive vehicle to Kuta Square, it’s recommended to find a parking lot and park your vehicle once you arrive at Kuta Square. By then you can walk through the area.
  • You can find Kuta Art Market at Kuta Square area where you can buy Bali souvenirs. The goods sold in this market are not too different from the goods in Sukawati Art Market. However the price will be more expensive at Kuta Art Market compare to Sukawati. If not had no chance to visit Sukawati Art Market then you can buy Balinese souvenirs at Kuta Art Market. Read more...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kuta Square

Kuta Square is a shopping area which is located in the traditional village settlement of Kuta. The types of goods sold generally are branded fashion from overseas. There are many cafes at Kuta Square area with a variety of menus offered. In addition to shops and shopping centers there are also games around the area such as Kuta Square Bali Slingshot, waterboom Bali, and other games facilities.

Price products for sale in shops and shopping center in Kuta Square are generally defined (fixed price) where bargaining price aren’t applied. When you are visiting Bali and needing a certain brand of clothing to find then Kuta Square area can be the main option. There’re many tourist that enjoy Kuta Square by just walking around Kuta area and sit at the café while enjoying the menus. Read more...